Company registered in France: Providing services in Germany?


I'm self-employed (company registered with intra-Community VAT in France more than 10 years ago) and will sign a contract (6 to 12 months could be renewed) to provide services to a company in Germany and be paid upon invoices. The branch is Computer Science - Statistics. I’m PhD graduated and long-term resident as non-EU (Cameroon) in France. In order to achieve this mission, is there any other formality needed other than the PD A1 issued by my social security insurance?


If you’ll provide services, which location is to be considered in Germany, you have to be registered if you are the VAT-debtor. Otherwise (if the debtor is the recipient) you won't be registered. Whether this is the case or further qualifications or approvals are needed depends on your concrete services.

Source: Germany Trade and Invest
- Gesellschaft für Außenwirtschaft und Standortmarketing mbH
Juni 2017

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