Registering a company in Germany?


We are interested to launch a crypto currency similar like Bitcoin. As per our research Germany has defined crypto currency in most elaborative manner compared to others. Though our major trading and investment market is in Asia but to avoid uncertainty risks pertaining to legality and governance of crypto currency, we are looking to register a company in Germany.

Here is our basic question to open such startup in Germany: 1. Is there any minimum investment required for this nature of business as foreign national as per law? 2. Is it possible to begin a startup in Germany as Indian national and resident (and with no intent of moving to Germany or Europe besides occasional travel). If yes, what are its requirements? If no, what could be next best alternative? 3. What kind of approvals is required for such startup?


In general, any entrepreneur who wishes to start a business in Germany may do so, irrespective of nationality or place of residence. There is no specific investment legislation in Germany, nor is there a minimum percentage of German shareholdings required for foreign investments within Germany. Non-EU citizens will have to make sure to have the appropriate type of visa. Generally, visas are obtained in the investor’s home country at a German embassy or consulate. Further information:

For further advice and information on starting up a business in Germany, please refer to the information provided under the following link::

Kindly note that in Germany financial services are regulated by the BaFin – The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. Bank customers, insurance policyholders and investors ought to be able to trust the financial system. For that reason, BaFin seeks to ensure that market participants comply with the relevant laws: -> virtual currency:

In addition, we would like to refer you to the information page of the city of Frankfurt am Main as „Digital Hub for FinTech“:

Source: Germany Trade and Invest
- Gesellschaft für Außenwirtschaft und Standortmarketing mbH
Februar 2017

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